Tuesday, October 25, 2011

StreamFlies.com Review

First off I have no connection to this site other then being a happy customer.

I just made another purchase from StreamFlies.com and wow they look great. I can't wait to get out and use them this weekend.

My homemade fly box
Copperjohns of assorted sizes
Zug bug
Mosquito fly

look great don't they??

Ok here's the run down on streamflies. They are in Oregon. All trout flies are .50c each. Thats right!, only half of a dollar or 2 quarters. 
The best part, you get free shipping and no minimum order.

Since I can't tie very well yet I get most of my flies here. So in closing..if you're looking for some great flies at a super price check them out at http://streamflies.com/index.html#top

Thanks for reading now go fish some more.


  1. Thanks for sharing the site. Fifty Cents for a fly is a great price. I mostly do saltwater fly fishing, but i will say you can't go wrong with the Zug Bugs.

  2. Streamflies.com has been a terrible place to buy flies and now they are closing. Good riddance. I waited 36 days for my flies to arrive shorted half my order and a third of the ones I did receive we're so bad I threw them out. Loose heads, threads hanging off them wraps already coming undone. Streamflies.com is horrible