Sunday, October 30, 2011

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial - YouTube

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial - YouTube: ""

'via Blog this'

A couple of friends from work have been talking to me about this video for a while now so I had to watch it. Funny

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Day

Well today has been a great day. Got to watch some football with my girlfriend while our daughter was at her Aunts. I will say, I'm not a super football fan but I do enjoy a great game, and the Nebraska-Michigan State game was a good one.

 This is normal football saturdays for my little girl. Little is a loving term for my 130 lbs baby.

After the games that we wanted to watch were over I decided to head down to the pond for a little fishing before it got dark. I was only out for about an hour but what an hour it was. I decided to use the flies I got from streamflies (I wrote a review and posted it on this blog if you're interested). I used a #12 Zug bug and caught all of them on it.

I can't believe the rush I feel when I see the boil under my fly, just knowing that something thinks its food.

All in all I caught 2 Rainbows about 11" long and 3 bluegills about 7" long. I normally just catch and release so all these guys are back swimming around right now. I'm just hoping for a few more weeks of soft water..PLEASE!!!!... so I can do this a few more times.

 I just might have to take a vacation day before winter gets here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Proud Dad

 My daughter is in the first grade this year and she just brought home her first report card and it was all B's. I think the school just gave all the kids B's to be honest. I know she can read well beyond a first grade level. Anyhow I'm very proud of her hard work.

Pretzel Time!

I was really wanting a soft pretzel a few weekends ago. So I set out to find a recipe that I could make that would be easy and came across this one. It was so easy.

Next time I need to hide them as my girlfriend kept eating them as fast as I could make them.

Anyhow enough whining. Here's the link if you care to have a go at making them yourself. Review

First off I have no connection to this site other then being a happy customer.

I just made another purchase from and wow they look great. I can't wait to get out and use them this weekend.

My homemade fly box
Copperjohns of assorted sizes
Zug bug
Mosquito fly

look great don't they??

Ok here's the run down on streamflies. They are in Oregon. All trout flies are .50c each. Thats right!, only half of a dollar or 2 quarters. 
The best part, you get free shipping and no minimum order.

Since I can't tie very well yet I get most of my flies here. So in closing..if you're looking for some great flies at a super price check them out at

Thanks for reading now go fish some more.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gone fishin!

                This is a little late and no pics but anyhow. Yesterday I took my daughter Ava with me because it was a beautiful day with temps in the 70's. So after casting for a while with no success, I finally connect with something. Thinking it was a trout that the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission stock in the pond by my house (thanks btw).
     I tell Ava to come over and I let her pull in the fish. I hand  her the rod and tell her to pull the line with her other hand, which she starts to do, until she comes to end of her reach. She lets go to move her hand to grab more line, but the line starts going the other way. She does this for a few times (with me chuckling under my breath), then she asks me to help her. So I tell her to put the line under one of her fingers to lock the line when she uses her other hand to pull. She caught on real fast. The look on her face was worth it when she pulled in her first fly rod bluegill.

                          This just a pic of her fishing when I was help out at a Youth Fishing Class.

                                                   And this is the crappie she caught.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just a few pics

I thought I would share some of my pics of fish I've been lucky enough to get on the fly.

Cabela's Three Forks/ Prestige Combo review

I bought this combo a few weeks ago and have been putting it though the paces best I could.  Let me say that I know there are better and more expensive combos out there but I have a budget and this fit it well.

I bought the 5wt, 4 piece combo because I hope to be able to make a trip to one of the trout streams that Nebraska has soon.  I like the way the rod feels in my hands, it doesn't seem to be to stiff or too soft for me, then again I am just a beginner.  I think the rod is great because I can feel it load when I am casting and I couldn't do that with the one I learned to cast on. The reel seems to made well and has a drag system on it but I haven't had to use it yet.

Over all I think this is a good setup for a budget flyfisher.

Well I decided to try bloging about my fly fishing

First off, I just started fly fishing this June and fell in love with it. There is something so ..... Relaxing, Fun.. I just don't know how to describe it. I live in Nebraska which is not known for its trout (but it does have some). So I mostly fish for warm water fishes (Bluegill, Bass, etc).

I am also learning how to tie my own flies. So far I've only tied a few woolly worms and woolly buggers. I'm waiting for winter to really get into tying since I'm not crazy enough to ice fish. So thats about all I'm going to say about tying for now.