Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Day

Well today has been a great day. Got to watch some football with my girlfriend while our daughter was at her Aunts. I will say, I'm not a super football fan but I do enjoy a great game, and the Nebraska-Michigan State game was a good one.

 This is normal football saturdays for my little girl. Little is a loving term for my 130 lbs baby.

After the games that we wanted to watch were over I decided to head down to the pond for a little fishing before it got dark. I was only out for about an hour but what an hour it was. I decided to use the flies I got from streamflies (I wrote a review and posted it on this blog if you're interested). I used a #12 Zug bug and caught all of them on it.

I can't believe the rush I feel when I see the boil under my fly, just knowing that something thinks its food.

All in all I caught 2 Rainbows about 11" long and 3 bluegills about 7" long. I normally just catch and release so all these guys are back swimming around right now. I'm just hoping for a few more weeks of soft water..PLEASE!!!!... so I can do this a few more times.

 I just might have to take a vacation day before winter gets here.