Monday, October 24, 2011

Gone fishin!

                This is a little late and no pics but anyhow. Yesterday I took my daughter Ava with me because it was a beautiful day with temps in the 70's. So after casting for a while with no success, I finally connect with something. Thinking it was a trout that the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission stock in the pond by my house (thanks btw).
     I tell Ava to come over and I let her pull in the fish. I hand  her the rod and tell her to pull the line with her other hand, which she starts to do, until she comes to end of her reach. She lets go to move her hand to grab more line, but the line starts going the other way. She does this for a few times (with me chuckling under my breath), then she asks me to help her. So I tell her to put the line under one of her fingers to lock the line when she uses her other hand to pull. She caught on real fast. The look on her face was worth it when she pulled in her first fly rod bluegill.

                          This just a pic of her fishing when I was help out at a Youth Fishing Class.

                                                   And this is the crappie she caught.

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